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Arrow's Target [one-shot, bleach]

Title: Arrow's Target"
Author: Jedi Boadicea
Archive: author page here
Fandom: Bleach
Wordcount: 12,000
Summary: Two hundred years ago, the Shinigami destroyed the Quincy. Memories and lives in Soul Society are long, and many who were there two hundred years ago still remember it.

Quote: Tonight, the compassionate, often abused, always determined members of her division were working harder than she had ever seen them work, and she had seen them work under hails of scorn, under the weight of crippling exhaustion, through tears of grief or anger, their hands always sure in their healing even though they might not be as steady as her own. Tonight, the members of her division were laying hands on the dead more often than on the living. Tonight they were Shinigami in truth.

Comments/Thoughts: this fic is structured with the focus shifting smoothly from character to character as the battle develops. The characterisation is very strong and there are lots of little details, like Urahara's bankai and Isshin sacrificing his captain's haori to bandage a messenger, that make it for me.
Title: More Than a Malfoy
Author: Three Sickles Short
Archive: Author page here
Fandom: Harry Potter
Wordcount: 3k
Summary: Narcissa confronts her son when he returns, written post OotP
Quote: “Since you mention Harry Potter, though, tell me this: Did he outwit you or overpower you?”
Comments/Thoughts: A Narcissa who is more than a trophy wife or a fanatic and a Draco who isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Interesting thoughts on what it means to be a Black and a Slytherin.



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